Resultaten zoals gepubliceerd in The Netherlands Heart Jounal t/m maart 2012. 

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March 2012Aortic Volume Measurement
January 2012The prevalence of PAH in patient with CHD in a tertiary referral center
November 2011Selectively declined right ventricular function after cardiac surgery
September 2011The prevalence of congenital heart disease
Juni 2011The genetic basis of Ebstein Anomaly
April 2011Atherosclerosis risk is increased in adults after successful coarctation repair
December 2010Z-score for aortic dilatation in Marfan Syndrome
Oktober 2010Sudden Deaths in congenital heart disease
August 2010CHD in Down syndrome in residential centres
May 20108000 patients missing project
March 2010Increase in inclusion in 2009 per main diagnosis
February 2010Inclusion and main diagnoses
January 2010Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital
December 2009Website visitors
November 2009Inclusion and main diagnoses
October 2009Late complications / OLVG hospital
September 2009"8000 missing patients" project
July/August 200922q11 deletions
June 2009Endocarditis / Kennemer hospital Haarlem
May 2009Increase of inclusion per main diagnosis in 2008
April 2009Distribution of main diagnosis and age by severity
March 2009Increase in inclusion in 2008 per main diagnosis
February 2009

Congenital Heart Disease and Genomics

January 2009VSD
December 2008"Other diagnoses" / UMC Nijmegen
November 2008Inclusion / Vlissingen hospital
October 2008Gender differences and outcome
September 2008Mortality / Terneuzen hospital
July/August 2008Mortality / causes of death
June 2008Interventions / Tergooi hospital
May 2008Bicuspid aortic valve
April 2008Geographic origin website visitors
March 2008Late complication
February 2008Events in ASD patients
January 2008Increase in inclusion in 2007 per main diagnosis
December 2007Fontan
November 2007CVA / TIA
October 2007Transposition of the great arteries
September 2007Arrhythmia
July/August 2007Aortic coarctation
June 2007Endocarditis
May 2007Fallot
April 2007Ventricular septal defect
March 2007Increase in inclusion per year, UMC vs non-UMC
February 2007Participating centers
January 2007CONCOR Research projects
December 2006Pulmonary valve stenosis
November 2006Bicuspid aortic valve
October 2006Marfan
September 2006Aortic coarctation
July/August 2006Fontan
June 2006'Other' diagnoses
May 2006Pulmonary hypertension & Eisenmenger syndrome
April 2006Deceased patients and main diagnoses
March 2006Zahara results
February 2006Late complications
January 2006Atrial septal defect
December 2005Participating centers
November 2005Cerebrovascular complications
October 2005Transposition
September 2005Pulmonary stenosis
July/August 2005Gender differences
June 2005Aortic interventions in patients with aortic valvar stenosis
May 2005Interventions in Fallot patients
April 2005Aortic Stenosis
March 2005Family history
February 2005Interventions
January 2005Arrhythmia
December 2004Participating centers
November 2004Pulmonary hypertension versus main diagnosis
October 2004Pulmonary hypertension versus age
September 2004Late complications
July/August 2004Comparison with other large CHD registries worldwide
June 2004Cerebrovascular complications
May 2004Familial history (2)
April 2004Familial history (1)
March 2004Participating centers
February 2004Interventions
January 2004Atrial septal defect
December 2003Arrhythmia
November 2003Marfan syndrome
October 2003Pulmonary valvar stenosis
September 2003Aortic coarctation
July/August 2003Aortic valvar stenosis
June 2003Transposition of the great arteries
May 2003Tetralogy of Fallot
April 2003Late complications
March 2003Familial history
February 2003Cerebrovascular complications
January 2003Interventions
December 2002Arrhythmia
November 2002
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Inclusion status (general)